• Dowgood Racing Cut Oil Pan ZX14


    Dogwood Racing has the fix for your damaged ZX14 Oil Pan. 

    Good Cores Required Before Shipping (Pan and Pickup). If your pan is cracked, but not below the surface of the oil filter housing it can be used as a good core. 

    Send your pickup with the pan to be cut as well.

    Quick turn around.

    Gen 1 and Gen 2 available.  If you buy a Gen 1 pan a Gen 1 core is required. If you buy a Gen 2 pan a Gen 2 core is required. $200 core charge if no cores are sent. $200 will be refunded if usable cores (pan and pickup) arrive within 3 weeks of time products are delivered.

    Use the drop down menu to add a Cometic oil pan gasket if needed.

    If your cores arrive and determined to not be good for any reason, I will give you the option of returning them or repair and return (if repairable) with a 7 day or less turnaround. Do not send a core with any JB weld or epoxy on it. 

    If you prefer not to exchange pans and would like to keep your own just let me know. I can cut yours and return the

    same pan and pickup, just add a few extra days turn around time.