• Dogwood Racing ZX14 Prostreet Internal Pump Fuel Cell with Tank Shell Support and Seat Brace 2 Quart Or 1.3 Gallon


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    Available in 2qt (1/2 gallon), 3 quart or 4.4 qt (1.1 gallon) tank, measured with pump installed.

    ZX14 Internal Fuel Pump Setup, pump not included. Removes approximately 20 to 25 pounds from your ZX14.

    Aluminum support bracket holds the riders weight and incorporates quick release fasteners for the rear of the shell and front of the tail. The seat brace will be built to match your tail. Use the drop down menu to indicate which tail you will be using. This selection is not purchasing the tail, just telling me what style of brace to build for you.

    Volume capacities are listed with the factory pump installed. The flange on the tank is made to fit the OEM pump housing. There is clearance to accommodate aftermarket pumps up to 3/4" taller than OEM. Gen 1 metal base with sump needed for tall pumps. Filler neck with vented cap and integrated rollover check valve included.

    Aluminum inner fenders now available for Pro Street and Outlaw tails. Please see Inner fender page.

    Use the drop down menu to add a Standard or Outlaw Tailbone for quick release fastener setup at the rear of your tail.

    Ships with all mounting hardware and installation instructions.

    I offer a tool to locate where in the shell to drill with a hole saw to allow access to the filler without removing the shell. Last picture shows the tool. There is $50 deposit for the tool wich is fully refunded when the tool is returned. Please do not request the tool until you are ready to use it and send right back. I will ship to you for free when you are ready for it.

    Dogwood Racing can mount the shell and tail for you if needed. The tank shell needs to be drilled in the front for a 6mm fastener, in the rear for the two quick release fasteners, and for the fuel fill. The tail needs to be drilled for the two quick release fastners in the front, the two in the rear at the TailBone, and the front lip for the fuel fill. Please use the drop down menu to add this service.  Quick tip if mounting the bodywork yourself - use a weight on the shell to simulate the rider sitting in position, then mark your holes. You do not want to pull on the fasteners when sitting /launching, this is a main reason you see cracked bodywork around fastener locations.

    Catalyst Tank Tops and Tails are available on our Catalyst page. In stock item may take up to 48 hours to ship after purchase.  If the item is not in stock please contact me for current build time.

    For Off Road Use Only