• Catalyst ZX14 Tails Prostreet and Outlaw


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    Scroll through the pics to see different tails with different length wheelbases. Wheelbase numbers provided by the customer. These are all Catalyst Prostreet and Outlaw tails. Prostreet comes in 4", 10" or 12" over, Outlaw in 18" or 21" over. I only stock tails without Tail Light Brackets. I can order a tail with the bracket for an additional $100

    In these pics not all of the tails are mounted in the same position. Some are pushed forward for a tighter seating area and some are pushed back into the "stock" location. Also take note, some tails are mounted with my standard TailBone rear mounting system, some with my Outlaw Tailbone, and some with customer supplied system. In general, the longer tails that sit lower have my standard Tailbone and the tails that sit higher have my Outlaw Tailbone.

    My website will not accurately calculate shipping on this item due to it's size. I have a flat rate of $95 added. Contact me to check if a cheaper rate is available.

    I also have available aluminum fuel cells and Catalyst Tank shells to match these tails. Our fuel cells and shell supports are installed in the the pics listed here.