• Catalyst ZX14 Pro Street Tank Top New Vs Old Style


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    As of 04/2023 Catalyst Racing has updated their fiberglass and carbon fiber Zx14 Pro Street Tank Tops to fit better to the chassis and eliminate the gap commonly found between the tank top and side fins. Dogwood Racing has updated their tank shell support/fuel cell setups to fit to the new style tops. If you have an old style tank top and a Dogwood cell setup, the new style will NOT drop on and fit.

    How to tell if you have a new or old style Tank Top?

    Pic 2 - The new style has a pronounced return lip at the sides where the old style has no return lip.

    Pic 3- The front recess for the 6mm mounting bolt is wider and deeper then the old style.

    If you have any fitment questions please contact me anytime. To order a tank top, click on the fiberglass or carbon product tab found in the Catalyst section of my website.