• Dogwood Racing Adjustable Seat Brace ZX14


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    The Dogwood Racing Adjustable Seat Brace gives you 3 inches of range to lock in your ZX14 Prostreet style tail. Smaller riders will want to push the tail forwards for a tighter fit and larger riders want to push the tail back for a little extra room. The brace also comes with hardware to let you lock in the front of the tail with quick release quarter turn fasteners.

    Please specify what length Prostreet tail you have, the angle at the front of the brace changes between the lengths. At this time the seat braces are available for 4, 12 and 18 inch Prostreet style tails. I am working on the 6 and 10 inch tails next.

    The seat brace comes complete with all mounting hardware, two quarter turn fasteners, two springs, 4 pop rivets, and instructions. I supply .500" grip range quick release fasteners with the kit for Catalyst bodywork. Not all manufacturers have the same thickness fiberglass and some may require different length fasteners. Correct fastener length is not guaranteed, alternate sizes may need to be purchased. 

    This seat brace is designed to work with Catalyst Prostreet tails, NOT Supersport tails.