January 1, 2022

Dogwood Racing Dealer Requirements

  • Submit Dealer application

  • Send Sales Tax Certificate by end of January each year

  • Minimum $2000 initial buy in (single purchase, not multiple)

  • Minimum $2000 yearly purchases


-Dealer pricing applies to Dogwood Racing products only.

-No Dealer pricing on Catalyst / IoneMoto, Fragola, AEM and various other non Dogwood Racing parts (some exclusions)

-Dogwood Racing/Catalyst Pro Step Seat is eligible for dealer pricing and the only exception in the Catalyst Line.

-Dealers are expected to stay current on product pricing and details. Check website for confirmation prior to giving out information or taking an order.

-Contact Dogwood for current build times and shipping cost. General price inquiries should not require contact, these can be found on my website.

-If ordering a product that requires multiple pieces of information, such as a fuel cell setup, submit a complete order that includes all needed information. Use the drop down menus on my website product page to confirm you are submitting a complete order.

-Submit orders using your company Purchase Order or similar form.

-Advertised prices cannot be lower than MSRP.